Chaos Scar

38. Crypt Master's Tomb

7/25/11: This was the final session of the campaign! John and Alyssa are going off to school and Zach will be gone for a month. Thank you everyone for playing!

Artemis - Half Elf Swordmage
Eldeth - Dwarf Slayer
Hirbe - Human Mage
Kettenbar - Wilden Monk
Merric - Halfling Thief


The adventurers had just survived the attack of a cavern siren. They could sense that they were close to Acerak, the evil entity who was trying to use the power of the moonstones for a grand and sinister purpose.

The heroes had investigated all paths in the intersection but north. They headed up that hall, and passed through a door. Beyond it was another hallway that led to stairs and doors to the right. Kettenbar spotted a secret door immediately to the left. After some discussion, they decided to head down the hallway before checking out the secret door.

The stairs led to a dead end wall with no secret doors. The doors to the right led to a hallway with blood red tiles and a huge juggernaut in the hall - an elephant on rollers. As soon as that door opened, sleep mist filled the hallway that the heroes were in and the juggernaut became animate!

The gas dazed the heroes. The juggernaut rolled into their hall and crushed Artemis under its' wheels. The gas worked its' way into the heroes' systems, and stunned Artemis and Hirbe (Artemis would eventually fall unconscious due to failed saving throws from the gas effect). Eldeth grabbed Artemis and pulled her out from under the juggernaut. The thing lurched forward and rolled down the sleep gas hall, crushing over everyone but Hirbe. Kettenbar tried to snap Artemis out of her unconsciousness, to no avail. The juggernaut rolled back over Artemis and Kettenbar. Kettenbar was trapped underneath it. The juggernaut then rolled all the way to the end of the sleep gas hallway. The heroes noticed that it didn't seem to be able to head any further from the way they came.

While the juggernaut randomly lurched about, the heroes gathered on the stairway. Merric ran in to where the juggernaut came from. He searched about and found the room that the juggernaut came from. It was empty - the whole section was a dead end. He rejoined the heroes on the steps, and waited for the juggernaut to get out of the way, and made a dash for the secret door. They dove into the crawlspace beyond.

The crawlspace led to a long hallway. At the end of the hallway was a huge pair of mithral doors, with no doorknob. The door had three thin slots in it. Swords could fit in the slots. The heroes had a few spare junk swords they were willing to try on the door. But Merric didn't like the idea of putting his magic blade in it. The heroes talked him into it. When all three swords were in, the door swung open. The swords could be drawn out with no problem.

The room beyond was a vast chamber full of pillars. They cautiously began to explore the room. On the south wall they found a throne with a sceptre and crown resting on its' seat. They decided to leave it be for the time being.

In the southeast corner, they found a glowing orange gem surrounded by decaying corpses. Artemis and Hirbe tried to figure out what it did, bu weren't sure. They left the gem alone, though Gloomhandler flew near it, interested.

On the north wall were three doors and two devil faces. One face was green, the other blue, and they looked a lot like the face in he initial hallway that they avoided. Both faces seemed to be sucking air into them, creating a bit of a breeze in the room. The three doors all glowed blue, and became brighter when touched. Two of the doors led to empty chambers. The third door, however, led to a small room with a sarcophagus...

Eldeth entered the room alone and opened the sarcophagus. In it was an inert mummy with a gem for an eye, and three potions of fire resistance. She took the potions, then cut off the mummy's head. She carefully removed the gem.. and the headless mummy sat up! All of the heroes were ready to attack, knowing there was a good chance the mummy would become animate. They launched a volley of attacks that staggered the mummy. Then the headless mummy punched Eldeth and sent her flying into a pillar. The magic of the pillars activated! When touched, the pillars forced you to levitate to the ceiling thirty feet up and you lost control of your body! Eldeth hit the pillar, floated up... and then began to get sucked toward the green face! Hirbe ran over to hep her. His plan was to stand in front of the demon face and hold up his shard-spear, to block her from passing through. But when the mage stepped in front of the green demon face, it sucked him in! Hirbe disappeared in a flash!

Artemis battled the mummy while Kettenbar tried to throw a rope up to Eldeth. But since she wasn't in control of her body, she couldn't catch it. Merric activated his boon of the Star Dragon and flew up to his dwarf ally and tied the rope around her. Merric floated down to the ground. Kettenbar was holding the rope as if Eldeth was a kind of living balloon.

The mummy punched Artemis, infecting her with mummy rot! Then it sent her crashing into a pillar near the blue demon face! Artemis was stunned from the punch, and the wind sucked her right into the blue mouth... she disappeared in a flash!

Merric hid as the headless mummy stomped toward Kettenbar. It stun-punched him into a pillar too. Kettenbar lost control of his body, and in moments, both he and Eldeth were sucked into the green demon face and they too disappeared in a flash!

Merric was alone in the room with the mummy. He ran over to the blue face and jumped in, and hoped to join Artemis, wherever she was....

Hirbe appeared back in the opening hallway of the tomb of horrors! But it was a little colder.. as all of his equipment, weapons and clothing was gone. He was completely naked! Eldeth and Kettenbar appeared moments later... also naked! The heroes were crushed. All of their gold, all of their weapons - gone. And they had no idea if Merric and Artemis were even alive! They very carefully climbed into one of the pit traps they'd disabled, and grabbed some of the spikes they'd broken off. Then they went to the end of the hallway, and took a look at two things they hadn't dealt with. There was a misty archway, and a green demon face! They had passed through a demon face to get here. They wondered if passing through this one would bring them back, or at least to their items! Hirbe bravely gripped his spike and jumped in the mouth! Eldeth jumped in after him! Kettenbar watched to see what would happen. He could see nothing in the blackness of the mouth of the demon face...

What the heroes learned was that while the demon face in the pillared hall teleported them, this demon face's mouth contained a sphere of annihilation! All that happened when you entered the mouth was that you slowly disintegrated! Hirbe was reduced to a pile of dust! Eldeth, the sturdy dwarf, was able to resist the hellish agony and stumble out of the mouth with a handful of Hirbe-dust!

Kettenbar and Eldeth sadly decided they needed to exit the tomb and go to the Star dragon Adrella. Adrella would take them to the Keep on the Borderlands, where Elessan could raise Hirbe after a lengthy ritual.

Artemis and Merric appeared in a chamber. There was a grim warning set into one wall: "You who dared to violate my tomb now pay the price. Stay here and die slowly of starvation, or open and enter the door to your south where certain but quick death awaits.

The pair searched the room and found gold, gems, and a potion of clarity (allowed for a re-roll). There was a fountain with water in it. The water was safe to drink.

After some discussion and searching, the heroes tried the door. Beyond was a hallway that led to doors. The walls of the hallway were lined with shields and swords. As the pair stepped in, two sets of swords and shields animated and hacked into the heroes! The swords slashed into them. They backed into the chamber. The swords and shields did not follow. The pair again talked about what to do. Artemis hoped the others would return for them, but Merric was not hopeful. Plus, Artemis had mummy rot! If she couldn't fight off the disease on her own, she was doomed!

So they stepped back into the hallway. The swords sliced into Merric and killed him. Artmeis was hurt bad, grabbed the halfling's corpse, and rested in the chamber. The poor swordmage eventually succumbed to mummy rot, and was reduced to dust. The Scarblade and Warduke's helmet were now part of the treasure of Acerak's tomb of horrors....

Eldeth and Kettenbar were eventually got Hirbe raised by Elessan, head priest of Clarissa in the keep on the borderlands. They wanted to return to the tomb to find their friends and get their stuff. But Acerak cut a deal with them and the star dragon. Acerak was worried, as the heroes had gotten very close to his lair. Acerak, who had chaos shards for eyes, claimed that his efforts to drain and harness the power of the moonstone had failed, and told the heroes that he'd give them their treasure if they'd leave him be. Equipped with weak magic items loaned by Lord Drysdale (+1 weapons and armor!), the heroes were inclined to agree. Acerak told them Merric and Artemis were dead. Sadly, the heroes took their things and returned to the keep.