Chaos Scar

37. Cavern of Mists

7/18/11: We missed a couple weeks. We should be done with the tomb in another week or two.

Artemis - Half Elf Swordmage
Eldeth - Dwarf Slayer
Hirbe - Human Mage
Kettenbar - Wilden Monk
Merric - Halfling Thief

The heroes had destroyed a decoy, a mummy who the heroes were led to believe was the villain, Acererak. They were not fooled, and continued on through the tomb through a secret door.

They came upon a room with three vats full of liquid. Hirbe took a look at some shelves and tables, and saw piles of jars and containers full of re-agents used in the process of becoming a lich.

Artemis walked up to a vat and stuck a sword in it. The vat was full of three oozes, who became animate and attacked!An ooze lashed out with an acidic pseudopod and struck her. Artemis let out a blast of lightning through her Scarblade, striking all three of them.

Another ooze made its' way to the hallway, where some of the heroes were still standing. She hacked into it with her axe (a critical). Hirbe fired off a series of spells. The oozes went wild, hitting most of the heroes with acid and burning them. Hirbe hit one with a spell, and in response it let out a foul explosion spraying everyone with acid, stunning them for a moment (until the start of their turn...).

Eldeth charged and hit an ooze (with another critical!). She was hit with another foul explosion, and fell to the ground, dying. Twice, Hirbe revived her with a potion, only for her to drop again from another ooze attack.

Artemis killed one with a swipe of the Scarblade. It exploded. The acid nearly killed her (she had only one hit point remaining). Merric flung a dagger into another one, bloodying it and causing it to let out a foul explosion. The ooze slithered toward Kettenbar and dropped him with an acidic swipe. Artemis blew it up with a magic missile. Another ooze burned her, and she fell to the ground, dying. Things were looking grim for the heroes.

Hirbe and Merric were the only heroes left standing. Merric stabbed an ooze. It swiped back and dropped the thief.  Kettenbar suddenly sat up (he rolled a 20 on a death save!).  He charged the final ooze and nearly killed it. Hirbe teleported to Eldeth and poured a potion down her throat.

Hirbe took aim and destroyed the last ooze with a spell. It exploded. Poor Eldeth had just staggered to her feet. The acid covered her and dropped again.

The oozes were done for. The heroes frantically stabilized their friends, and then decided to rest and heal before touching any of the other vats!

They rested for ten hours. Then, they checked out the first vat, which was full of murky water. The second vat was full of slow-acting acid. In the bottom was half of a golden skeleton key. they fished it out with a potion bottle tied to a sword. They got it out just as the rope and vial were disintegrating. The other half of the key was in the vat that the oozes were in.

The heroes found a secret door that led to a long hallway. In the hallway was a 30 foot long spiked pit. After some discussion, the heroes went into the vat room and grabbed three tables. Artemis climbed down and placed the table legs between the spikes, creating a bridge across the spiked pit. When she placed the last table, spikes from the last ten feet of the pit launched at her and destroyed the table! She made her way back to the safe side. The spikes that had launched were magically replaced in a black mist in seconds.

Merric and Hirbe walked on the table-bridge and put his hand over the ten foot section. Spikes launched and struck Merric. His body went limp (stunned!). He began to fall off the table into the spikes! Hirbe grabbed him and pulled him back.

Hirbe sensed that anyone passing over the spikes would be attacked. He also surmised that if one tried to teleport, they'd be appear in the trapped section! It looked like the only option was to jump from the table bridge over the spiked pit (they cleverly took a total defense as a standard, too).

Kettenbar went first. He jumped and was hit by a few spikes, but made it across. Artemis went next. In mid-jump, she was hit by a barrage and dropped into the pit! She landed on many spikes and was bleeding badly. To make things worse, the trap was recharging and about to hit her over and over until she was dead! Kettenbar lowered a rope. The spikes fired and missed her! She stumbled to her feet and grabbed the rope. She climbed out to safety.

Eldeth went next. She too was hit mid-jump! But this time, the heroes made sure she had a rope tied to her. The heroes on the far side pulled her up and out before more spikes launched.

Merric, the nimble halfling, jumped across safely.

Hirbe jumped. As the spikes launched, he used a spell to divert them and send them careening down the hallway where the heroes had entered. Unfortunately, all that mid-air casting took away some of his jumping power. His leap fell short and he plunged toward the spikes. He had a rope tied to his waist, though, and the heroes pulled it taut so that they halted his plunge and pulled him up to safety.

They took a few minutes to catch their breath and remark on how the simplest trap was the most deadly.

The hallway beyond led to a dead end. They backtracked and Kettenbar found a secret door in a wall. It led to a chamber whose floor was littered with shattered furniture. A door was in the far corner, and two tapestries depicting undersea life hung on the east and west walls.

Hirbe wanted a tapestry. He walked in and moved the west one to see if there was a secret door behind it. The tapestry rippled, formed into a massive green slime and dropped onto the wizard, engulfing him! He let out a fireburst and then teleported out of it and into the hallway. The heroes made quick work of it. The other tapestry was also a slime. They destroyed it, too.

Artemis spotted gems strewn about on the floor. The heroes madly began collecting gems and platinum pieces. They shared what they found, and wondered if the gems would turn into lead when they left the tomb (like the gold from the pew-room would!).

Kettenbar searched the door and then opened it. Magical spears exploded from it and struck him in the chest. Beyond the door was stone! The heroes decided to make sure Hirbe checked things for magic before they messed with them. Kettenbar then spotted a secret door on the opposite wall.

That door lead to a long hallway. They came to a four-way intersection. Kettenbar spotted a pit trap right where the four hallways met. Hirbe headed alone down the south hall and investigated the door at the end of it. He sensed another spear trap. He drained it of energy, and then saw that the door was another false one, leading to nothing but stone.

The hall to the north led to a "dead-end" (secret door). The east hallway led to a door. They decided to check the door first. Beyond the door was a cavern full of silver and gold mist. Hirbe had never seen anything like it before. Nobody wanted to go in there.

Finally, Eldeth decided to risk it and charged in. A stunningly beautiful woman appeared in the mist and whispered "Forgive me...". She attacked!

Eldeth asked her why she was attacking, and the woman said that she was cursed by Acrerak. The adventurers tried to help her break the curse, urging her to summon all her strength and to free herself. Artemis came in and tried to inspire her, but the charming siren instead made the swordmage slash Hirbe with the Scarblade, scarring his left arm forever!

the siren let out a massive sonic scream that hurt Eldeth. Then she teleported across the room and cast prison of tears on Hirbe and Artemis, knocking them unconscious. Both of them were bloodied.

Merric tried to lie and bluff her into shaking it off, but he too was overcome by her charms and charged the prone Artemis. He missed her. Eldeth tried to intimidate her, and she too (!) failed. She charged Hirbe. This shook the wizard awake.

The adventurers continued to try to talk sense into her. Hirbe flirted with her, to great success! It was the promise of love that gave her the strength to break the curse. Tragically, as she shook off the curse, she began to fade away. she reached out to Hirbe, who blew her a kiss.

The tomb was becoming even more deadly. The adventurers could sense, however, that they were nearing Acererak's lair....